Focus Group on Manuscript Research

Manuscript researchers from a range of different disciplinary areas will be meeting on 20th November in the Centre for Digital Scholarship in the Bodleian Library. They will be discussing their research methods and their use of digital resources with staff from the Mapping Manuscript Migrations project.

The results of these discussions will feed into the work of the project, especially its data modelling and the design of its software environment.

Kick-off Meeting

The kick-off meeting for the Mapping Manuscript Migrations project was held at the Oxford e-Research Centre in the University of Oxford on 14th-15th September 2017.

Attended by project staff from all four partner institutions, the meeting ranged widely across a range of topics, including governance, project planning, staffing and resources, and dissemination and outreach. We also discussed data modelling, research questions, and technical architecture requirements.

The meeting agreed to form an implementation group, which will meet weekly. The group’s first task is to examine the initial data sources and recommend a data model for the project.